Green Tea Detox/Cleanse

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We’ve all heard about green tea cleanse, and it probably sounds like a good idea to most. Green tea is one of the most powerful natural beverages that you can choose to supplement your detox practices. That’s right: Supplement. If you need to detox, green tea isn’t quite as efficient as you might have been led to believe. That doesn’t mean you can’t detoxify green clean using tea as part of your strategy, but if you plan to detox with green tea exclusively, you’ll be working on it for many months, if not years, before you feel the kind of results you want. That’s because by the time you think about detox, you may already be suffering from high levels of toxicity.

Green tea detox is a good way to continue another, more potent detoxification program by regularly using green tea cleanse to augment the results you have already achieved. However, there are a lot of false rumors about green tea and detox. Probably the most important one to debunk right now is the idea that you can only detoxify green clean with green tea. The fact is that there is no “ready-made” cleanser out there that can help you in one swoop if you have high toxicity. We had to create it ourselves from natural ingredients.

Green Tea and Detox: The Myths of Detox With Green Tea

Green detox is any form of detox that uses completely natural ingredients. Whether you’ve ever tried to detox green tea or not, you probably know already that the best way to cleanse your body is the natural way. However, there are some varying definitions of what “the natural way” really means. To get down to the bottom of it, we have to understand how the body works. Despite the fact that it is constantly cleansing itself, it can sometimes be overwhelmed by all the sludge that we encounter on a daily basis: Toxins are in the air, the water, on many different surfaces, and even in the processed food most people eat every day.

It is understandable why most people might consider green tea for their detox needs. It is packed with a variety of very healthy and flavorful ingredients that promote health in a variety of ways; however, as a detoxifying agent, it falls short compared to Magnum Detox. This is because our Magnum Detox drinks and Clean Start herbal permanent cleansing kit have been especially formulated to take advantage of the way your body naturally detoxifies itself. When your body has been hammered over months or years by all kinds of different poisonous substances, these natural cleaning responses tend to slow down. With Magnum Detox, you bring them back to life naturally.

Remove Toxins Safely! Buy MAGNUM DETOX Cleanse Products Online

No one is suggesting that you shouldn’t drink green tea. Green tea is definitely good for you! However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of full detoxification, we urge you to try out Magnum Detox. Our Clean Start products are simple and effectively meet your cleansing needs. We also provide our customers with a range of other specialty detoxification products, such as mouthwash and shampoo. You can order directly from our site, contact any of our growing network of nationwide affiliates, or simply ask for us by name the next time your visit your favorite health and supplement store.

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