FDA Requirements for Detox Supplements

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There’s a lot of confusion about the federal Food and Drug Administration’s role in which detox supplements and other natural health supplements are available. Much of this confusion comes from misinformation spread by those who would like to see the availability of supplements restricted for one reason or another, often so that they will profit from the absence of these important health aids. If you are considering going on any diet or fitness regimen that includes a health supplement, you should know the facts about FDA requirements. These could impact the availability of your supplements in the future or restrict what kind is available.

FDA Guidelines Draw Distinctions Between Drugs and Supplements

Under federal guidelines, a medical drug is any chemical compound that is intended for the treatment or prevention of an ailment. Because medical drugs claim to treat or prevent various health conditions, the FDA tests them rigorously for health and safety. This usually requires the drug to undergo a long period of various tests that demonstrate not only the results desired, but a relatively high degree of safety across the community of most patients. Of course, those who take a health supplement are not “patients” in the same sense, and so the guidelines followed by the

FDA are a little bit different. This tends to be where the confusion enters into the picture.

Magnum Detox® products do not purport to treat or prevent any disease. However, supplement companies may make some claims regarding health as long as “significant scientific agreement” is available. In order to demonstrate the value and validity of a supplement, companies often finance their own research. This is not so that the research will “go their way,” but instead is necessary because the federal government does not provide assistance of any kind in reaching its standards. A company that goes the extra mile to demonstrate how valid its claims are is doing so specifically to benefit you, the consumer.

How Can You Tell if a Supplement Will Work For You?

Everyone is different, and so is the human body. Although we all have the same systems, blood, tissues, and bones, each of us functions at a different level of health and a different level of toxicity. You should never assume that a supplement is a good idea simply because it is entirely natural. Many of our competitors claim to provide detox aids, but these aids work by pumping your body full of “natural” stimulants. While these stimulants might cause the loss of some toxicity through sweat or by other means, they should not be confused for anything that would have a positive effect on the long-term. Making an informed purchase is a must! Magnum Detox® is proud to provide Clean Start herbal permanent cleansing kit to help you cleanse safely and effectively.

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