What Types of Detox Products are Available?

Learn More About Magnum Detox™ 16 Oz 1 Hour System Cleaner™The need for detoxification is widespread among the majority of the population. The organs in the human body often remove most chemicals naturally, such as heavy metals and toxins, but these organs become overworked and less efficient at removing toxins as a person ages. Magnum Detox® cleansing products help the body remove excess toxins that have become trapped over time. There are several types of detox and cleanse products available to suit just about any need and taste preference. Our variety of detox products and cleanses are available in various flavors, and use our signature formula. The Magnum Detox® product line includes:

  • Instant Flush Drink
  • Clean Start Herbal Cleanse
  • Clean Start Herbal Permanent Cleansing Kit
  • 1 Hour Cleansing Drink
  • Saliva Cleaning Mouthwash
  • Deep Root Cleaning Shampoo
  • Soft Gel Cleansing Pill


Magnum Detox® detoxifying products have a very beneficial effect on the body because these detox cleanse products flush out compounds that your body doesn’t need. The body then begins to function better because excess toxins weighing the system down have now been removed. Consider a detox cleanse product for improved general health. Follow the instructions on the label carefully so you safely and effectively remove the toxins. All of the Magnum Detox® products are designed to be gentle on the system. Buy our detox products online for yourself or from one of our trusted affiliate retailers. After using a detox cleanse you should have more energy and your skin may have a slight glow because of increased circulation.

Detox Product Beverages and Rapid Flushing Cleanses

Our top detox products and beverages come in a variety of flavors to suit almost anyone’s taste and preference. Try our blueberry, watermelon, Lemon-Lime, or Tangerine flavored Magnum Detox® drinks today! Our detox cleanse products, including the Instant Flush drink, are formulated to work as toxin cleaners, removing toxins quickly while also quenching your thirst. This detoxification product is also designed to remove toxins within an hour. This is a quick way to flush the body, without committing to a long-term cleanse.

Rapid flush detox cleansing products are formulated to quickly cleanse the body within a very short period of time. These types of detoxing products are just a quick way to remove toxins without spending too much time cleansing. Rapid detox cleansing products often come in a liquid or soft gel formula. Using a saliva cleansing mouthwash can also help by removing toxins in the mouth rapidly. Toxins from food and bacteria are found in the mouth, so it’s important to keep your mouth clean. Detox and cleanse products and routine dental care can make a big difference in general and oral health.

Cleansing Hair Detoxing Products

Cleansing hair detox products don’t remove toxins from the body, but these detoxifying products work well to detoxify the hair. The hair and scalp can also benefit from a deep cleansing regimen. The top detox products for your hair contain nutrient-dense ingredients that protect and clarify your locks. Anyone can benefit from using a toxin cleaner hair product because everyone is exposed to the elements, such as wind, rain and excess sun. The elements take a toll on the hair, but toxins from the body also leach into the hair and scalp.

Excess toxins can make the hair look dull and lifeless. Unhealthy hair also tends to break more easily. A detoxify product for the hair can mend the hair and make it look much fuller. Results are usually clearly seen after you have been using hair detox cleansing products for a few weeks. Follow the instructions on the Magnum Detox® Deep Root Cleansing Shampoo label before using the product for maximum results. There are many benefits associated with using detoxifying products for your hair, and other products that clean your system. These products remove harmful elements and excess debris that can collect in the hair. These detox cleanse products may also help make your hair look more healthy and manageable.

Seven Day Detoxification Product Cleanses

Some people may need to extend a seven day detoxify product cleanse out for a longer period of time, if they have too many toxins in their body. Cutting the dosage in half and cleansing over a fourteen day period can be beneficial for some people. Those with health problems need to take special care to remove toxins safely. Decreasing the dosage or drinking more water while on a cleanse is one way to help the body cope with the amount of toxins coming out. Look on our website and choose between a variety of products that clean your system.