What is a Detox?

Learn More About Magnum Detox™ 16 Oz 1 Hour System Cleaner™What is detox for? The question keeps coming up again and again among those looking to make improvements in their health. A detox or cleanse is simply a method used to cleanse your system of toxins. Just as you use soap and water to clean and cleanse your skin, there are various products that you can buy to help detox your internal system. Before attempting a detox, get the facts on the types of detoxes that there are and product types offered, so you get the best detox products when shopping online.

Understanding Toxins

To understand what is detox for, you have to understand what toxins are. Toxins are the chemicals and poisons that find some way into the body. These toxins are all around us, in the air, food, and water. Food additives like dyes, chemicals used to preserve foods, and pesticides are all toxins. Toxins found in drinking water include chlorine and ammonia. Asbestos, lead, radon, and carbon monoxide are some of the toxins found in the home. Regrettably, these toxins are often unavoidable. Formaldehyde, for instance, is a toxin often included in toothpaste, deodorant, nail polish, and many other beauty products.

These products are called toxins for a reason; they are hazardous to your health! Although the kidneys and livers naturally do an internal body cleanse, the concentration of toxins within the body can overwhelm these organs leading to a compromised immune system and interfering with various other systems in the body. Toxins have been associated with causing cancers, leading to insulin resistance and increased weight gain, fertility problems, allergies, diabetes, respiratory ailments, digestion problems, fatigue, and many more complaints. To clean and cleanse the system of these toxins, a detox can be done.

Types of Detox

When trying to figure out what is detox about it helps to understand that there is a difference between medical detox and detoxification done at home to cleanse your system. A medical detox is done to help addicts overcome the initial withdrawal symptoms that will occur after stopping drugs and alcohol. Such clean and cleanse processes are done by those about to start treatment for their addiction. These detoxes often require prescribed medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawals for an alcoholic, for instance, can increase blood pressure and lead to a heart attack.

There are various ways to do a natural body cleanse. One of the simplest ways to detox is with a hot soak. Both full body soaks and foot spas are used by detox advocates to encourage perspiration and allow toxins to leave the body through the skin. Sitting in a sauna can also do the same thing. As exercise gets the body pumping, it also helps to sweat out toxins.

A detox or cleanse diet is also a popular way of flushing out the system. Some detox diets are extreme and temporarily eliminate eating any solid foods. To get rid of toxins, detox users are told to drink only water and liquids made with filtered water. Some diet based detoxes, however, focus on a specific issue such as eliminating all sugar sources to help cut food cravings and aid in losing weight. There are also detox diets which involve eating regular meals, but you switch to consuming a mostly organic diet to cleanse your system and keep toxin levels as low as possible.

The Best Option

Although all detox or cleanse methods have their benefits, one of the best ways to remove toxins safely is to buy detoxification products. Your next question should be what is detox like with MAGNUM DETOX® provides premade detoxification drinks in a range of tasty flavors. Having an already made and bottled product on hand, allows you to quickly and conveniently do a full body cleanse while exercising, at work, home, or when traveling. Detox pills are also a fuss free way of eliminating toxins without tracking or preparing special food items. It also avoids going hungry, a common compliant of liquid only diets. After taking detox pills or liquids, the products go to work – immediately flushing away toxins.

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