Q: Will Magnum Detox® Body Cleansing Products cleanse my saliva or blood?

A: While Most of the product line is designed to cleanse the urinary system, the following 3 products will aid in the cleansing of the saliva (digestive system) and blood (circulatory system).

  • Magnum Clean Start 7 day permanent cleanser is packed with natural herbs that are well known for their cleansing power. Clean Start will give you a complete body cleansing including blood, urine and saliva permanently or until your next toxin intake.
  • Magnum Saliva Cleansing mouthwash is an instant way to get rid of toxins found in your saliva. Magnum Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash is a cleansing liquid that will cleanse your saliva for a 45 minute period.
  • Magnum Detox® Instant Flush is effective in even the toughest cleansing situations, Instant Flush liquid will effectively cleanse you of all toxins and is an effective cleanse for your blood, urine, and saliva.