Q: How long will I be clean of toxins after taking a Magnum Detox® product?

A: Below are standard cleansing periods for the full line of Magnum Detox® Body Cleansing products:

  • The 16 and 32oz detox drinks, Instant flush and soft gel all cleanse your system for a 5 hour period. After the 5 hour period of body cleanse, your body’s toxin levels will begin to rise again. If you are interested in permanently cleansing your system, you are going to want to purchase the Magnum Detox® Clean Start Permanent body cleansing kit.
  • The Magnum Detox® Saliva Cleansing mouthwash will effectively cleanse toxins from your saliva for a 45 minute period. The Magnum Detox® saliva cleansing mouthwash is instant acting.
  • The Magnum Detox® Hair purifying shampoo with provide you with 5 hours of cleansing and is among the most effective cleansing shampoos available.
  • The Magnum Detox® Clean Start Permanent Cleanser will effectively detox your body from toxins and is effective on blood, urine and saliva. After completing a Clean Start 7 day program your body will be cleansed permanently, or until your next toxin intake.