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Magnum Detox™ products were first born in the lab. Extensive research went into each product in our line. Scientific research and development with our leading food production partner developed the original Magnum Detox™ 1 Hour System Cleanser™. It tastes great and is powerful enough to work every time.

Magnum Detox™ 1 Hour System Cleanser™

This is our original product that we formulated for you to achieve optimal cleansing results with ease in your cleansing program. We could have stopped there. The 1 hour system cleanser fills the needs of most of our customers’ everyday cleansing. Instead, we forged ahead, investing substantial time and resources to bring you powerful, cutting edge detoxification products that were once only dreamed of. Easy to drink, powerful enough to remove the guess work, portable cleansing, or permanent cleansing programs are now possible with the Magnum Detox line of products.

Rest assured that Magnum Detox has the product that will fit your cleansing needs no matter what your situation may be. We invite you to try any of our products. They have worked for millions of satisfied customers, and they will work for you. Once you give us a try, we would love to hear your experience. Our legions of satisfied Magnum Detox customers are our best advertisement!

Magnum Detox™ Instant Flush®

Instant Total body cleansing™ with no time to pre cleanse, cleanses all body systems. We invite you to try Instant Flush. This product is the definition of innovation; it has no equal in the world of body cleansing.

Now you can cleanse all of your systems, with no wait time and high toxins. Instant Flush safely and effectively cleanses your digestive, circulatory, and urinary system for the ultimate intensive toxin cleanse. Formulated with a proprietary blend of natural herbs and fiber to support your body’s organs to provide you with the cleansing results you demand. This coupled with a temporary boost in metabolism helps to speed your body’s natural ability to expel toxins. Of course a product as revolutionary as this is costly to research and manufacture, but that’s why Magnum Detox is known as the leaders in innovative cleansing solutions. Magnum Detox products are Powerful enough to work every time you need them.

Magnum Detox™ Clean Start™

The Ultimate Choice…Totally and permanently cleanses Blood, Urine, and Saliva after just 7 Days Guaranteed. Clean Start will safely and effectively cleanse your body systems including your circulatory, digestive, and urinary system in just 7 days guaranteed. Clean Start Permanent Cleanser, the all-Natural herbal cleansing kit only from Magnum Detox.

Magnum Detox™ Soft Gel™

The ultimate in portability and convenience. Now you can have the extreme portability of a detox product that will fit in your wallet. This product was specially made with the consumer in mind. Now you have the flexibility to cleanse on the go; anytime, anywhere.

Magnum Detox™ Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash

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Magnum Detox™ Hair Purifying Shampoo

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