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When it comes to different methods of detoxifying the body, liquid cleansing may be one of the fastest and most effective. Liquid detox gives your digestive tract a much-needed opportunity to rest. In an average day, your digestive tract must work for hours to keep up with the ordinary stress of consuming food. While your body is built for this, a break from day-to-day stresses using cleanse liquid can help your body return to a more optimal state of health. What detoxifying liquid is best? Before we can answer that question, we need to look at various ways of doing a cleansing liquid detox.

You have probably heard about green tea and its use as a detox liquid. Green tea is very gentle on the body and is also known for its high levels of antioxidants, which are very useful for maintaining the overall health of your cells and genes. Antioxidants are also valuable for your heart health. While it is a very cleansing liquid, you should not consider trying to subsist on green tea alone. It simply lacks the nutritional value that you will need during liquid cleansing. You don’t want to give your body the impression that you are starving or other under stresses, which can happen if your systems conclude that you have suddenly lost access to food.

Fresh fruit juices are another way to conduct liquid detox. Unfortunately, fresh means fresh! A drawback of using fresh fruit juices as your cleanse liquid is that you need to be able to make them every day. This requires a lot of preparation, planning, and frequently, a whole lot of cleaning. While fruit juice is a great way to meet your nutritional needs, it is not necessarily the best way to achieve cleansing liquid detox because it works the digestive tract very hard. In fact, if you consume your juice with the pulp, it can be much harder on your body than even most processed foods.

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Until now, every option for a liquid cleansing detox has had its own limitations. At Magnum Detox, we set out to develop a new, fast-acting option that would meet the needs of anyone who wants to detox at any time, out of that mission, we created our signature Instant Flush and 1 Hour cleansing drinks. Our detox drinks signal your body, so that it knows when to get to work detoxifying you, helping you expel toxins from your sweat, urine, and elsewhere.

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Magnum Detox is a leading brand in the world of rapid liquid detox and has developed products with our customers in mind – you need results fast! You can order directly from our website, work with one of our elite network of detox product suppliers, or even ask for us by name from your store of choice.

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