How to Cleanse the Liver Naturally

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The liver is an important organ, and its proper function is necessary for good health. Some may contest the efficacy of liver cleansing, but many years of evidence keeps it popular. The following provides you with a wealth of information on how to cleanse the liver naturally. We also have a number of products available to help cleanse toxins from your system, including Clean Start, which effectively removes high levels of toxins in the body. Our cleansing products are available in tasty beverage and Soft Gel pill form, in case one or the other is better for you to digest; Purifying shampoo is also available. Magnum Detox is available online for your convenience, or purchase in stores. We are dedicated to bringing you the best detox products on the market. Contact us for support, if you’re a consumer looking for the best cleansing product you can buy, or a retailer who in interested in carrying Magnum Detox products in stores.

The importance of the liver cannot be underestimated, as its natural function is to flush toxins, regulate hormones in the body, metabolize fats, and keep cholesterol levels under control, to name a few of its jobs. As science discovers more evidence of the vital roles that livers play in the human body, it is understandable that more and more people are interested in how to cleanse the liver naturally. Fruits, vegetables, juices, olive oil and Epsom salt are used in the average cleanse. Liver health can depend on your ability to choose natural remedies over synthetic ones. The following are ways to remove toxins safely from the liver, with liver cleansing processes that incorporate natural materials.

The Apple Juice Method

This is an effective and popular cleanse. Liver health is promoted through the use of fruit and vegetable juice. To undergo this liver cleanse, you’ll need to incorporate at least two glasses of organic apple juice into your diet. The juice should be drunk every other hour for two days. Your food diet should consist only of fruits and vegetables, but they can be of your choice. After the two days are up, dissolve two tablespoons of Epson salt into a glass of water and drink. Before you go to sleep, mix a ½ cup of olive with some lemon juice, and consume. This natural liver cleanse can have astounding results, and you may begin to pass small gallstones in your stool immediately.

Single Dose Options

For some, dedicating two days to a natural liver cleanse can be uncomfortable or impossible. There are ways in which you can cleanse the liver using single doses of a liver cleansing remedy, or spread them throughout a week. To do this, you can incorporate Epsom salt into some drinking water. Add four teaspoons of it, stir, and drink, for an easy and instant cleanse. If you don’t like the taste of salt, try mixing a ½ cup of organic grapefruit juice and ¼ cup of organic lemon juice, and drinking it. You can also eat the whole versions of these fruits to achieve the same results. Single dosing may not be as effective as the two-day regimen, but you may still feel and see some results.

The Importance of Water

Water is important to the human body regardless of whether it is undergoing a liver cleanse or not. Staying hydrated can flush the body of toxins and contribute to better cellular productivity. The best liver cleanse will incorporate a lot of water into its recipe. Some of these recipes can advise that cleansers drink 10 glasses of water after a natural liver cleanse to help the flush’s efficacy, and to maintain hydration. Drinking the standard 8-10 glasses of a day of water can also reduce the need for regular liver cleansing, as the water will work to clean the body’s system on a daily basis.