Herbal Teas as Toxic Cleansing Supplements

Learn More About Magnum Detox™ 16 Oz 1 Hour System Cleaner™One of the main misconceptions about herbal teas is that they’re all safe because they’re natural. Even cleansing herbal teas, however, can be dangerous to consume, if they contain toxic ingredients that have been combined incorrectly or used as supplements before being researched. The side effects associated with toxic herbal teas range from minor headaches to major cellular damage. That’s why it’s important that pregnant women, especially, use herbal detoxing teas with caution. At Magnum Detox we offer a range of products – including our Clean Start herbal permanent cleansing kit – that are safe to use as cleansing agents, so that you won’t have to experience the potential toxic effects of other herbal concoctions.

Chief Offending Herbs

There are some common ingredients in detoxing teas that have gained reputations as negatively affecting the health of those who consume them. For example, the Japanese version of star anise, or sikimitoxin, that is commonly found in a detoxing tea is considered toxic, and has even been subject of a Food and Drug Administration warning. Other potentially harmful ingredients that can be found in a detox tea include Chinese ginseng, barberry, germander, and chaparrel. Additional versions of tea ingredients with deleterious effects are sassafras, comfrey, black cohosh, mistletoe, creosote bush, greasewood, senna, and white chameleon. Avoid teas that include mixes of Valerian and skullcap. Specific teas that should be avoided include Jamaican bush tea, Kombucha tea, gordoloba yerba tea, and pennyroyal varieties. While this list includes many common toxic ingredients found in tea detox recipes, it’s not exhaustive. Be aware that new toxic ingredients and combinations can be recognized by the FDA in the future.

Side Effects

The liver can be greatly affected by cleansing herbal teas, as toxins are filtered through this organ. It can be a good idea to research theingredientsof any herbal detoxing tea that you want to drink before using it to cleanse your system. A few side effects of using herbal tea detox concoctions include loss of appetite, headaches, dizziness, and diarrhea. More severe side effects can include heart arrhythmia, nausea, mood changes, and insomnia. Contrary to what many believe, overdosing is possible with an herbal cleanse. Tea contains compounds that can build up in your system, just like any other chemical, and can lead to cellular damage and serious medical problems. It is wise to remain diligent about your detox choices, even with seemingly innocuous cleansing agents like herbal teas.

Most of our Magnum Detox drinks are all-in-one cleanses that can be used in lieu of an herbal cleanse. Tea that is potentially toxic can be avoided altogether by simply consuming our products, which are just as effective and as a safe as a good cleansing tea. They can even work faster to remove toxins safely from your system. For instant results and a healthier body fast, try our Instant Flush drink to kick start your detox.

Use Magnum Detox products online to bypass the common dangers associated with many herbal teas. If you’re a retailer, contact us for information about introductory samples of our safe and effective detox products.